Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Race is on: Prologue

A little Prologue: aka the warning!!!

This series is both a long time coming and has been written in my head over the past few months.  Those of you who know me in real life know that I am a no holds barred/no nonsense person.  I tell it like it is and how I feel.  This series of essays is even more in line with this belief than probably ever before.  If you are racist and in denial, have hatred for others generally, it is not advisable to read this series.

Where this series came from?

A lot of places.  Really.  I mean, it is expected from me, really.  I mean, I have a mixed kid who doesn't look like me and often people give me advice about how to raise a Black child.  I am in an interracial marriage.  Most of my friends come from very different backgrounds than my own.  I don't see along color lines.  In Brooklyn, I am often the only 'whitey' in a room at a lot of Black/Afrocentric events or restaurants for that matter and depending on the store.  I get looks when I walk down Flatbush Ave either with my man or my child or even alone.  And mostly because this is a hot topic that is controversial that people are not talking about enough and are not taking in the correct direction and because recently someone had the audacity of saying that I have jungle fever which I think is the most racist thing anyone has ever said to me.  So for all these reasons I am writing this series of essays because I really do feel that I do need to speak out.  The time is just right...

On a side note, I've been reading a lot on the subject and this has really affected my life and how I see things now.  I actually regret reading a recent book because I feel like it has spoiled my mentality a bit and now I think I am more paranoid than ever.

I welcome the comments, no matter what.  I always post them but I do moderate them because of spam and advertising but please do not post anonymously.  Be honest.  Have some balls...

Also, I will not be tweeting or face booking that this series is happening until I have all the essays up on my blog.  So if you are a long time reader, you get a sneak peek...

Enjoy!  Let the discussion commence.

Good night,

Kate Hallet

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