Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family Business part one

For those of you who read this blog regularly but don't know a lot about me will learn something new tonight.  I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and my family has its own business. 
We are in the Creative World and we create Art, mostly visual but not exclusively. 
The artist in our family is Mr. Laolu Senbanjo.
If you've never been to our site you should check it out here:
I'm about to do a shameless plug, which might not be that shameless because this is my blog afterall. 

So this is a sneak peek at Laolu's latest Series, "Take a Walk in my Soles."

Watch out world because nothing is safe anymore. 

Laolu will draw on just about anything, including your don't say I didn't warn you!

Take a Walk in Laolu's SOLES!

Limited Edition Artistic Series

Laolu has decided to take his Art literally everywhere. He says that no place is safe, not even shoes.  He's made several pairs of one of kind shoes that each foot has its own story.  You can walk in these shoes and share their story with the world.  Some of the feet even have Yoruba Proverb art on them.

Shoes start at $250 and are only available for a limited time.  You can order them through the form on the website or email

ome and get your own pair just for you today.  Get a piece of Art to share with the world and support African Art and a family business.


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