Saturday, May 9, 2015

Assorted Meat - the Web Series

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So I know everyone has been talking about the latest web series that can only be seen on youtube, Assorted Meat.  Now, I won't lie to you all.  Afterall, I am biased more than a little bit because I am lucky to be attached to one of the actors involved, but if you've met me in real life you know that I am an opinionated woman and am a tell it like it is kinda woman.

This series is definitely worth the watch.  Now I know that Oluseyi won't be happy with what I am about to say, because no one really wants to be criticized but, this show is really really good, although I'd change some things around, but overall it's very funny, interesting, love the topics, the characters and I get excited each week to watch. 

Have you seen Assorted Meat, yet?  What are your thoughts?  Who are your favorite characters?  What would you like to see done differently?  Does it seem realistic to you?  Yes or no?
I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts.  In case you haven't had the chance to check it out, click here:

Good night and happy binge watching!

You can find out more info on and click acting.  

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