Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Nigerian Life in Brooklyn

So I need to seriously update my blog.  This has needed to happen ages ago but lots of things have prevented this from happening, mostly, motherhood, our family business, and following our passions.  However, one of my main passions is writing and this blog is one of those things.

When I first moved back stateside I didn't know how long I'd be back in the US.  I am a bit surprised that it is as long as it's been (almost two years now) but nevertheless we're happy in Brooklyn.  I was asked what I am going to do with my blog?  Well, the truth is I started it for many reasons and I just borrowed the title and amended from my favorite radio show, This American Life.

So... With that said, I do plan on revamping this blog and writing much more often.  My goal is to be writing at least weekly because I do realize that people actually read this stuff.  I have SOOOO much knowledge, information and stories to share.

My blog will always have stories about my life, places I enjoy to eat, shop and go too both here in Brooklyn and in Nigeria.  It will always have a more Nigeriancentric focus because my own life has that too.

Look forward to many upcoming posts on the best places to buy ankara in Brooklyn, the best Nigerian restaurants in New York, the best places to meet other Nigerians in NY, the best place to do the shoki at and much more.

I don't claim to know it all but I do claim to be a lover of sharing information for all to enjoy!

Also, please do comment.  I have been busy posting them tonight.  Go back and read some old posts and check out the comments.  It's enjoyable.  Lol.


Kate aka Moremi

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  1. Good luck! We are waiting for news from Brooklyn.