Sunday, February 22, 2015

The sad state of medical affairs

This morning I read on a friend's fb tl that her hubby was extremely ill and would be medi-evac'ed out of Nigeria to... wait for it,  Kenya.  Now I do know I've been out of Nigeria for a minute but how on Earth did Kenya become better for medical treatment than Nigeria? What is going on in Nigeria that Kenya is now a better place to receive health care? I hope some of you respond and comment on this because I'm so sad. Is this possibly true?

Has Nigeria's health care system really gotten this poor? Is Kenya that much better? Any experiences? I'm very curious to hear your thoughts.

Good night. 


  1. wow! extremely sad.... how on earth did that happen?! And here I was thinking that doctors should never go on strike. they deserve more than they are given! The sad thing is that one can only complain, problems won't get solved!

  2. Kenya's private medical facilities in Nairobi are approaching the quality of European countries now. When I was in East Africa, we used to send people there all the time for emergencies and very hard to treat situations. These are the same cases that previously we would have medivacced to Jo'Burg or Frankfurt. It isn't a matter of Nigeria regressing, its more a matter of what the private sector can do in a business-friendly environment.

  3. You go to a hospital in america and get misdiagnosed and given wrong medication.. does that mean all medical facilities in America will misdiagnose your condition..and american health system is poor..

    This is a poor argument of low intellect... one would expect better from an "expat" but no I forgot, the developed world never send their best to Africa, they send subpar below average, junior level technicians and professionals and we worship them as expatriates.. smh