Friday, January 16, 2015

We need to speak up about the situation in Nigeria.

The time is now,  to speak up about the atrocities that are occurring in Nigeria.  We cannot sit and wait and hear about more lives lost.  The West cares, sometimes,  but that doesn't matter.  We protested and matched when the girls went missing but now that they are mostly still missing and now that upwards to 3000 lives were taken last week in Baga,  now what? Do we match? Do we cry? What can we do? I cannot take up arms and fly to Borno, nor can hardly anyone for that matter.  So what can we do?

I know I have a voice.  I'm going to use it.  I'm going to talk. I'm going to discuss with everyone I know.  I'm going to share my experiences about living in the North of Nigeria and how much I loved it.  Now,  my version of Nigeria is dead.

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let's get people talking!
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