Thursday, January 22, 2015

Laolu @ Meridian 23

Tonight at Meridian 23,  161 W 23rd St, New York City,  Laolu and the Afromysterics will be performing two sets,  followed by DJ Eli Fola.  Tickets are just $10. Come show us some love ya'll.  Amazing original Afrobeat,  Reggae and AfroSoul by Laolu Senbanjo.  Check them out at

The Power of Yahoogroups

So in my lifetime,  I've been so blessed.  People have mostly blessed me with information, that information has led me to some great successes and continues to do so.  One thing at the heart of my success has always been,  yahoogroups,  oddly enough.  I don't like yahoo mail, never have, never really used it much but all the yahoogroups that I've been part of,  still am part of have been instrumental to me success in life.

Yahoogroups have given me friends,  housing,  jobs,  things,  beds,  cribs,  and much more when I needed them. My yahoogroups connection once gave me 3 job interviews the same day I learnt I was being laid off.  When I lost my housing yahoogroups helped take me in within hours.  When I was in transit and needed things that I couldn't easily access because they were in storage again, it was yahoogroups that helped me.

The other day, I needed a crockpot because I had a crockpot emergency (that's a story for another day) and it again it was my yahoogroups that saved the day.

Yahoogroups are kind of like phantoms.  You can't really see anyone (not like Facebook or instagram), it doesn't judge you,  but you just post to a group and people post back.  Simple.  Lovely.  Beautiful. I love my yahoogroups.

I'm going to take time right now to thank them. 
Thank you to the abuja_expats yahoogroup, without you there would never have been a Kate in Abuja.  There may not even be this blog for that matter!
Thanks so much to CortelyouMoms yahoogroup and flatbushfamilynetwork yahoogroup, right now I'd probably be in Jersey if not for you!

Yahoogroups has changed my life.  Taught me so much.  Taught me that there are so many good people in this world.  Taught me that I should appreciate all that I have and give back when I can. I'm truly blessed.  I love my community.  Flatbush is the best.  Brooklyn is so much better because of this real community.

Yahoo, you may not be Google,  but in some ways,  your way better!

Thanks for listening.

Much love,


What are you waiting for? Go search for the yahoogroup that will save your life!

Friday, January 16, 2015

We need to speak up about the situation in Nigeria.

The time is now,  to speak up about the atrocities that are occurring in Nigeria.  We cannot sit and wait and hear about more lives lost.  The West cares, sometimes,  but that doesn't matter.  We protested and matched when the girls went missing but now that they are mostly still missing and now that upwards to 3000 lives were taken last week in Baga,  now what? Do we match? Do we cry? What can we do? I cannot take up arms and fly to Borno, nor can hardly anyone for that matter.  So what can we do?

I know I have a voice.  I'm going to use it.  I'm going to talk. I'm going to discuss with everyone I know.  I'm going to share my experiences about living in the North of Nigeria and how much I loved it.  Now,  my version of Nigeria is dead.

Please share my video.  Get people talking.  Follow me on Twitter @katehallet on instagram @katehallet
let's get people talking!
Watch and share this video on vimeo.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Chocolate Mousse by the Oyinbo Cook

So tonight, I made Chocolate Mousse from scratch.  I have not done this in years, literally since I think maybe 2001.  My Mom and I had made it during Christmas a few years before she had passed away.  However, it was not from scratch.  I bought some box mix from somewhere, I think World Market or something.  Yet, we did make homemade chocolate bowls to serve it in.  It was delicious.  This recipe has a very different story to it though.  My Mom would have liked this story.  She probably would have liked this recipe as well.  It is extremely easy, as long as you know how to cook.
I love NPR.  Anyone that knows me, knows this.  So last year (I think) I was listening to this NPR story and the woman was talking about how she lived in Paris and at dinner parties everyone would serve chocolate mousse for dessert.  It was often women who couldn't really cook.  The mousse always tasted the same and she loved it.  She tried a million recipes and it never tasted like the mousse she at the dinner parties.  Anyways, long story short, someone gave her a Chocolate Nestle Bar and low and behold the recipe was inside.  That was the secret.

Anyways, I decided to give it a try.  It is delicious.

Below are a few photos of my time making it.

The photos are out of order.  Anyways, stay tuned to see images of the final product.

In case you want to watch the youtube video it is here:

and the npr story is here:

Good night!

Chocolate Rum Cake made by the Oyinbo Cook

So I've decided to diversify my baked products lately.  This one was inspired from two things!  One, the band (Laolu & the Afromysterics that I manage just turned one this week, and it slightly reminds me of a rum cake that we used to have at my Aunt's house during Christmas while growing up.  Her neighbor (a Jehovah's Witness) used to make it and give them out as gifts.  Her's was strictly a rum cake but I decided to change it up a bit.  I tried out a few different recipes and this is a photo of the smaller cake I made with extra batter that I had.  Just in case you don't know, I sell my baked goods and deliver them for free in Flatbush or Prospect Park South and will deliver to all parts of NYC and depending on the location, some parts of Jersey.  

email me at if you are interested.  

Just know that you are supporting a family that solely survives on its art forms.  So you are helping make the world a better and happy place.

This cake was divine.  We scarfed down the entire pan at the Shrine on Saturday night when we celebrated.  It was moist, has pecans, and  very boozy... Yum!