Monday, April 7, 2014

Arik Air Rage

Arik Air Rage
My reaction
By Kate Hallet
So after reading on Twitter about this Arik Air Rage stuff and talking about it with my family and friends, then upon watching the actual video myself I was shocked to discover that all of it was nonsense,  utter bullshit, waste of time discussing,  and people acting a fool unnecessarily.
I mean,  first of all,  this did not occur mid flight as supposed,  this did not occur in the air,  it occurred on the ground before the plane moved at all. Now,  in my years of flying I've waited in planes without electricity all over the world. Often because of refueling,  I believe it's necessary but I'm not an aeronautical engineer,  but I do recall them often saying we have to turn off the air momentarily while we refuel.
Now,  I don't think anyone will argue with me regarding good customer service skills are not the norm in Nigeria,  yet,  people freak out when they are given none,  yet I must admit,  the flight attendants were not rude, were giving out drinks, and seemed cooperative.  Also,  I was a bit fearful for them because mobs can kill people. When you fly in Nigeria you often have to wait,  immigration treats everyone terribly and blatantly request significant bribes.  Life in Nigeria is often hard and filled with stress.  I often wonder how and why I did it. And why I ever consider going back? So why is it people question when they get no customer service or are treating people poorly? I mean,  I highly doubt those same people who were shouting,  screaming,  and throwing themselves at the doors are kind and provide impeccable customer service at their jobs,  lol. 
Nigeria needs a culture shift plain and simple. Religion has power in Nigeria,  yet people are not kind at the bank,  on the road,  at the stores, the hospital,  etc,  even though when you yourself go to those very same places you expect and hope top be treated with kindness. It's such an oxymoron and we are so short - sighted to remember,  this could be me.
Considering this whole malaysian airline situation as of late, I would think twice before boarding a plane,  and before causing a ruckus on one.
I mean,  why in God's name would you fly Arik over the Atlantic anyways? Hello! If they have terrible customer service as it is,  God forbid something bad happens,  what do you think they'd do than? Think twice before you book,  My people!
And please,  next time calm down,  drink water,  greet your neighbor,  and thank god you are not MH370.
Good night and Good luck.

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