Monday, March 31, 2014

Dollar Vans

So I live in Brooklyn, a part of Brooklyn that's called Ditmas Park but the greater area is called Flatbush.  In fact, our zip code, 11226 is the most diverse zip code in all of NY.  This should tell you a little bit about our neighborhood.  So in our neighborhood we have these terrorist on the road, they are called, Dollar Vans.  They are these long 15 passenger vans that are decorated in their own ways, usually with all sorts of advertisements on them but it reminds me of the large trucks in Nigeria that haul all sorts of goods.  Anyways, point being, they drive like madmen, swerving in out of traffic when and how they want.  They never signal, never obey the speed limit and I am always surprised that they don't kill pedestrians.  In fact, when I see them, it almost seems like they are kidnapping people because similar to Nigeria there seems to be a conductor or a guy who's collecting $2 from the person entering but they enter usually with the van just slowing down, not coming to a stop, the conductor helps pull the person in while the van still is in motion, so to me it looks like kidnapping because once that happens, they speed of crazily.  

I never once expected such things to be happening here in NYC.  This is just one of the many things that NY and Nigeria have in common.  I continue to both fear them (these buses) and at the same time, fight them and they remind me of my days of learning how to drive against the achabas in Yola, later learning how to deal with the Abuja Friday Mosque traffice on Fridays, and later even driving in Lagos.  

So no matter how far I seem to get away from Nigeria, Nigeria never seems to leave me, ever.  

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