Saturday, February 8, 2014

Captain phillips

So last week we finally sat down and watched Captain Philipps with Tom hanks. The film was done well but it left me feeling sad afterwards because I feel like the captain purposely put those men in danger and that pissed me off. Somalia is not an easy place to live, in fact Africa as a whole does not have it easy... Getting a good education, a good job, access to electricity and water are struggles that are often part of most people's daily battles. So it is no wonder that people would become pirates. 

Remember the scene where they mentioned the elders? Well, that is yet another realistic scenario. That only has that power in Africa. In Africa, elders have significant power... Most Americans cannot relate, nor understand.  Even captain Philipps himself made fun of the amount of money was requesting but in reality, it wasn't absurd when you think of how many 'bosses' he may have above him. Also, how many mouths that money will be expected too feed and for how many years... African societies are so different than the West. You just cannot compare.

Anyways, it was a good film nonetheless. I do recommend it to others. Yet, after seeing it, it makes me wonder if to some Nigerians if they think of me as captain Philipps, like I was going to look for trouble in Naija. 

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