Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day One

Today I am embarking on a lifestyle change.  I am beginning the Blue Print Cleanse.  It lasts three days.  Now, I love vegetables and a healthy lifestyle but I also love food and tv, lol.  I've been drinking my coffee with too much sugar, drinking too much coke and other forms of sugar on a regular basis.  I had Naniya in June and I am trying to kick start my let's get rid of this baby weight and get a bit more healthy change with this cleanse.  

I am not expecting this too be easy, nor will it perform a miracle.  I am hoping to clean my body of all the bad 'stuff' aka 'kaya' and hopefully will shed a pound or two, and get some energy back!  So I hope to write every day and check in with ya'll to let you know where I am at!

Sometimes I think it's crazy of me to do this on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead of a weekend but I think I would totally fail on a weekend because temptation at home would kill me most likely!

I am allowed a few things other than the 6 juices provided by the Blue Print Cleanse.  I can also have herbal tea, hot water, water with lemon, agave nectar, celery sticks and cucumbers and avocados.  

I have fasted in Nigeria before for thirty days.  That was a serious struggle but I think this three day cleanse is something I can totally do.  I'm kind of excited to succeed in this small endeavour.  

Cheers to the juicer!


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