Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day two of the cleanse

Day two was much easier than day one.  However, I was ridiculously busy.  I'm still feeling crappy though and I am not so sure I'll ever do this again...

Laolu on Sahara Reporters

Check out Laolu on Sahara Reporters.  Also, the Mama Africa show we went to while Nico was around is featured.  So it's a double feature.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recap of Day one on the cleanse

End of Day one:

Ok, so this cleanse is so not as easy I thought it would be.  I had to nap tonight.  I had a headache all day long and still have a slight one.  I cheated and ate a slice of bread and a deviled egg.  I don't really care because this is so not easy.  Omg.  I hope I get through tomorrow.  The juices are 'healthy' and therefore they taste like it.  I loved the cashew milk with cinnamon.  That was my favorite and of course the last one of the day.  Two more days to go.  Let's see how I do tomorrow...

I still think if you have the will power you should give it a try!

Good night all!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day One

Today I am embarking on a lifestyle change.  I am beginning the Blue Print Cleanse.  It lasts three days.  Now, I love vegetables and a healthy lifestyle but I also love food and tv, lol.  I've been drinking my coffee with too much sugar, drinking too much coke and other forms of sugar on a regular basis.  I had Naniya in June and I am trying to kick start my let's get rid of this baby weight and get a bit more healthy change with this cleanse.  

I am not expecting this too be easy, nor will it perform a miracle.  I am hoping to clean my body of all the bad 'stuff' aka 'kaya' and hopefully will shed a pound or two, and get some energy back!  So I hope to write every day and check in with ya'll to let you know where I am at!

Sometimes I think it's crazy of me to do this on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead of a weekend but I think I would totally fail on a weekend because temptation at home would kill me most likely!

I am allowed a few things other than the 6 juices provided by the Blue Print Cleanse.  I can also have herbal tea, hot water, water with lemon, agave nectar, celery sticks and cucumbers and avocados.  

I have fasted in Nigeria before for thirty days.  That was a serious struggle but I think this three day cleanse is something I can totally do.  I'm kind of excited to succeed in this small endeavour.  

Cheers to the juicer!


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