Friday, November 29, 2013


This year was my first Thanksgiving being home (stateside) in several years. It was also my first NYC Thanksgiving and my first Thanksgiving as a mother. So because of all those reasons and because I had every intention of attending the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, I cheated this year. Yes, I'm admitting it, I ordered 90% of our meal from and therefore I had our entire meal ready in under three hours all while dealing with a crying fussy teething Naniya... And man, it was worth it! The food was great, nobody cared that I didn't make it all from scratch and it was a lot less less stress on my body, mind and spirit because of it. And because I ordered a slightly bigger meal plan we have loads of food ready to go for another meal... Also, I saved the time of carrying most if with my tired arms because it was delivered straight to my door during the delivery time. I really do recommend fresh direct and because when your busy like me sometimes its just easier to get it delivered than take the time to go to the store... Honestly.

You gotta love living in NYC!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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