Friday, August 30, 2013

Pastoral care unit


Those of you who know me, know I like to and CAN talk... So I'm about to unleash a deep lashing to the likes of both Miss Ese Walter and Pastor Biodun.

First off, Ese you were not abused. Abuse implies a malicious intent. I don't think pastor had anything other than enjoyment and pleasure in his mind throughout your excursions. Please don't go crying wolf, jare. Also, you claim to be a lawyer. Any Nigerian lawyer knows the meaning of abuse and would never abuse the term. Shame on you! Secondly, Nigerian lawyers are meant to have a certain decorum or have you and your big mouth forgotten?

Pastor Biodun, this is the last time I will call you by this name in this article because being a Pastor also implies a certain decorum which you obviously cannot deliver on either. So as I have always said, Pastors, whether they be a man our a woman, they are just people. They will make mistakes just like everyone else but you should fess up, correct yourself and move forward but like mist Nigerian men you believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Most men can because they don't have the title Pastor, but you do! Most men can cheat on their wife and in the Nigerian culture we women are expected to look the other way. But you are a so called, Man of God.' I highly doubt that Ese is lying. She has scorned lovers syndrome. It's obvious you've broken her heart (not that I give a crap about that...) But I really doubt she's lying and I'm sure there's many more women, young and old that you've had flings with. You run your church like it's a business, I've waited and kept quiet about this matter for far too long. Your church is all about looks, money, glamour, vanity, fame, fortune but not about the word or truth. Sadly, you think this matter is about others trying to bring down the new church you are building. You are so pathetic to think such  nonsensical logic. If your word is strong people will come even if you are preaching outside. A Pastor is meant to behave like Jesus. Jesus was not flashy and never sought fame.

Sigh. Oh Biodun, you've made a mess of the good thing you had going on... Normally in these circumstances I'd feel for your wifey but sadly in this case I don't care o! She's just as fake as you. This church was never a church because it's all about profits and not prophets... Sadly the Pastor doesn't care about the word nearly as much as he does about business and money and that's exactly why everyone that goes to COZA will continue to go because COZA is known as the church to see and be seen in, a church where you don't dare wear a dress twice for fear someone might tweet about it or even worse think you are poor! Oh Biodun and your church of hypocrisy!

Now back to ESE... What did you think was going to happen when you sat on his lap? What did you think was going to happen after you slept together the first time? Did you think he was going to DIVORCE his wife and marry you? A Pastor divorce his wife for a small girl like you? Are you insane? Hello!!! Wake up, joor! Biodun!! Stop thinking with your dick, jare! You take a look at her and you know she's only going to bring you trouble. Was her pussy that good? It better have been to bring down your empire!

Good Lord, if anyone was doing jazz I would say it was Ese... Because you can be sure, no man with money and power in Naija has to look hard for a little action. Gaskiya ne. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. I'm sure Ese will blow up as a talk show host, I'm sure Biodun will build his damn church, and money will flow from offerings because when you're in the business of are not seeking anything physical so...

Thanks for the drama that occupied my time for the past week...

This was all written while on the NYC subway by Kate Hallet. All words and opinions are solely hers.

By the way, kudos to the babe he refused Biodun. May you become a Pastor and lead women by example! Can I get an Amen?

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