Friday, August 9, 2013

Flowers by Laolu Senbanjo

Most followers of Laolu's music have heard his song, 'Flowers' before if they've been opportune to see him live, this is his latest Hit single that's making waves in NYC.  Written shortly after the loss of someone very close to him past on he was reminded of how short and sweet life really is. This song is perfectly crafted. Too me, it doesn't get much better than this. The melody, the beat, the instruments and the instrumentation, and that message: carpe diem... Live life to the fullest every minute if every day as if it were your last.
Growing up in Nigeria you can definitely become hard and apathetic to the importance of life. But this song reminds us that life is priceless and precious. Because before we all know it, it's gone, done, over, finished, the end! I love the line, as soon as a child is born their old enough to die. It's so true, and some thing we rarely think about as a possibility.
Laolu reminds us in this beautifully written and composed song that on one little black morning, one day we'll be gone. I think it's an important message to take to heart... This song was written, composed and produced by the singer-song writer and lawyer Laolu Senbanjo a Nigerian born artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Also produced by Atta LeNell and Gospel on de Beatz.
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-Kate Hallet for This Nigerian Life

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