Thursday, May 2, 2013

This (not so-easy) Nigerian Life

Life has been…hard lately for me in Nigeria.  During most of March and April I had serious electricity and water issues in my house.  This makes a person completely desperate and makes them vulnerable to everything.  You feel like doing absolutely nothing because in some ways you can’t actually do anything.  You go to get yourself food and you can’t wash your hands, wash the food, you cannot cook (no electricity), all the food spoils, etc.  You can’t bathe, you can’t flush your toilet, and you are hot and sweaty because there’s no light (this is what we called 'electricity in Nigeria).  This seriously sunk my morale.  Up until yesterday, the water situation was so bad that I’d been taking bucket baths.  Something that I am so not used to doing at all.  And in my present condition isn’t even advisable or good for me. 

I am in limbo at the moment, trying to get things sorted out, fall into place and to come together.  I am really relying on God to see me through at this time. 

Nigeria is getting me down these days.  Not that life is ‘so bad’ or anything but everyone is so apathetic and accepts things as they are.  This can be so hard for me.  Things shouldn’t be this way, people shouldn’t just say okay, or just say, ‘well, that’s Nigeria for you…’  This apathy is exactly the reason why things just won’t change!  It makes me so tired and exhausted.  Abuja recently put in working traffic lights, but sometimes people refuse to obey them and then the whole thing is completely worthless.  You get these terrible tangled cobweb traffic jams that can take an hour to get out of for no reason.  Nigeria can and should be better.  Everyone at the top should be ashamed, everyone at the bottom should be screaming.  It’s no wonder that organizations like Boko Haram (no matter how crazy their ideals are to me) and MEND exist.  Sometimes, I wonder why there aren’t more problems and more outspoken figures and groups.  Sometimes, I wonder why the police themselves don’t rise up against and fight for their rights.  They are the ones that are on the streets supposedly ‘taking care of business’ and they are given enough power to frustrate the average citizen but not enough to make change and their own salaries are so small that they too must be corrupt and take from the average citizen to survive and feed their families… 
Something has got to give…  God help us all.  


  1. stop whining you moron, for years your life goes up and down. just go back to alaska and marry a polar bear

  2. love it! love it! Well said especially "Everyone at the top should be ashamed, everyone at the bottom should be screaming."