Saturday, May 25, 2013

Live Performance Tonight! 25 May 13

Looking for something to do tonight in Abuja? Like live music? Missed the last performance?

Well tonight's your last chance to see the 'Fuchs' (at least with these members) and your last time to see Laolu and Atta LeNell live for awhile.

The details are below. It's free. It's a chance to mingle and check out the new Casalinda.

What: Live musical performance by The Fuchs

Saturday 25 th May, doors open


7pm Where: The NEW Casalinda, 6 Tarkwa Cres, off Luanda Cres just around the corner from Exclusive stores

Free entrance!

Hey all Everyone’s favourite expat band, The Fuchs, are back to rock the house! And this time they’ve got a host of new rock and pop songs on the set list as well as some old crowd favourites... this will be a show that you’ll be glad to be wearing your dancing shoes to!

We're also very happy to announce that we'll be the very first band playing at the NEW Casa Linda, which is just around the corner from Exclusive Stores (further directions at the bottom of this email).

Doors will open at 7pm and the band will take the stage sometime around 8.30pm. And as always, they’ll be plenty of good food and drink available for purchase plus plenty of security to make sure your dancing antics aren’t interrupted.

It’s free entry and everyone’s welcome to come along... so do bring along your friends, we’re sure you’ll all have a fantastic time and a great night out.

This show will also herald an end of an era for the band... with the imminent departure of a few of the band members this will be the last time you’ll see this current line-up including Thomas, Annemieke and Jerrod... so you’ll definitely not want to miss this gig. And don’t worry that you’ll not get your fill of The Fuchs in the future... they’ll be back in a few months time with some great new musical talent to wow the dance halls of Abuja!

And if by chance you haven’t heard of The Fuchs before (because you’re either new to town and/or have been keeping yourself locked up in your compound!), there’s further info at the bottom of this email about the band.

We look forward to seeing you all soon! The Fuchs

Directions to the NEW Casa Linda The NEW Casa Linda is just down from the entrance to Exclusive Stores. From Ademola Adetokumbo Cres, turn onto Luanda Cres and instead of immediately turning right into the driveway of Exclusive Stores, keep going to the bottom of the hill for 100m and turn onto the road on your left and Casa Linda is 200m further up on your right. Here's a map with the location marked with a green arrow:,7.487492&num=1&t=m&z=16

Who are The Fuchs Abuja’s 3rd most popular expat covers band, The Fuchs, are made up of passionate and breath-takingly brilliant musicians who hail from all over the place (including The Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Germany and the US). They play a variety of music styles and some of the songs from their gigs have included “Hotel California”, “Moon-dance”, “Mr. Jones”, “Valerie”, “Mr. Brightside”, “Mad About You”, and “Your Song”, just to name a few. They have come to work and play in Abuja and while they do have fulltime jobs, they’ve put this band together purely for the love of the music... a bit of glory... and of course the groupies, which apparently they’re still waiting for!

The Fuchs – The Name Actually, interesting story behind the name... many people are not familiar with the Nth Nigerian tribal instrument, the "fuch". It is a bow-like stringed instrument, approximately 6.5ft tall. It is not an easy thing to play… it requires the player to hold the bottom of the bow with their feet and the main shaft with their hands; the actual musical sound is made by plucking the string with the mouth – only men of the tribe are allowed to play the fuch, as it is deemed “unsavoury” for women to even touch the instrument. In the hands of an amateur, the fuch sounds like the unwanted b@stard child of a castrated Justin Bieber and a cat that's had a pitcher of hot oil poured over it. But when played well, it is an amazing thing to behold, especially when you have a field of 80 tribesmen at dawn performing a tribal ballad for your very own pleasure.

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