Monday, May 27, 2013

What is happening to my Nigeria?

BBC Africa (@BBCAfrica) tweeted at 2:25 PM on Mon, May 27, 2013: Nigeria: 'Cut off' under emergency rule ( Get the official Twitter app at

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Live Performance Tonight! 25 May 13

Looking for something to do tonight in Abuja? Like live music? Missed the last performance?

Well tonight's your last chance to see the 'Fuchs' (at least with these members) and your last time to see Laolu and Atta LeNell live for awhile.

The details are below. It's free. It's a chance to mingle and check out the new Casalinda.

What: Live musical performance by The Fuchs

Saturday 25 th May, doors open


7pm Where: The NEW Casalinda, 6 Tarkwa Cres, off Luanda Cres just around the corner from Exclusive stores

Free entrance!

Hey all Everyone’s favourite expat band, The Fuchs, are back to rock the house! And this time they’ve got a host of new rock and pop songs on the set list as well as some old crowd favourites... this will be a show that you’ll be glad to be wearing your dancing shoes to!

We're also very happy to announce that we'll be the very first band playing at the NEW Casa Linda, which is just around the corner from Exclusive Stores (further directions at the bottom of this email).

Doors will open at 7pm and the band will take the stage sometime around 8.30pm. And as always, they’ll be plenty of good food and drink available for purchase plus plenty of security to make sure your dancing antics aren’t interrupted.

It’s free entry and everyone’s welcome to come along... so do bring along your friends, we’re sure you’ll all have a fantastic time and a great night out.

This show will also herald an end of an era for the band... with the imminent departure of a few of the band members this will be the last time you’ll see this current line-up including Thomas, Annemieke and Jerrod... so you’ll definitely not want to miss this gig. And don’t worry that you’ll not get your fill of The Fuchs in the future... they’ll be back in a few months time with some great new musical talent to wow the dance halls of Abuja!

And if by chance you haven’t heard of The Fuchs before (because you’re either new to town and/or have been keeping yourself locked up in your compound!), there’s further info at the bottom of this email about the band.

We look forward to seeing you all soon! The Fuchs

Directions to the NEW Casa Linda The NEW Casa Linda is just down from the entrance to Exclusive Stores. From Ademola Adetokumbo Cres, turn onto Luanda Cres and instead of immediately turning right into the driveway of Exclusive Stores, keep going to the bottom of the hill for 100m and turn onto the road on your left and Casa Linda is 200m further up on your right. Here's a map with the location marked with a green arrow:,7.487492&num=1&t=m&z=16

Who are The Fuchs Abuja’s 3rd most popular expat covers band, The Fuchs, are made up of passionate and breath-takingly brilliant musicians who hail from all over the place (including The Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Germany and the US). They play a variety of music styles and some of the songs from their gigs have included “Hotel California”, “Moon-dance”, “Mr. Jones”, “Valerie”, “Mr. Brightside”, “Mad About You”, and “Your Song”, just to name a few. They have come to work and play in Abuja and while they do have fulltime jobs, they’ve put this band together purely for the love of the music... a bit of glory... and of course the groupies, which apparently they’re still waiting for!

The Fuchs – The Name Actually, interesting story behind the name... many people are not familiar with the Nth Nigerian tribal instrument, the "fuch". It is a bow-like stringed instrument, approximately 6.5ft tall. It is not an easy thing to play… it requires the player to hold the bottom of the bow with their feet and the main shaft with their hands; the actual musical sound is made by plucking the string with the mouth – only men of the tribe are allowed to play the fuch, as it is deemed “unsavoury” for women to even touch the instrument. In the hands of an amateur, the fuch sounds like the unwanted b@stard child of a castrated Justin Bieber and a cat that's had a pitcher of hot oil poured over it. But when played well, it is an amazing thing to behold, especially when you have a field of 80 tribesmen at dawn performing a tribal ballad for your very own pleasure.

Tonight another

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cafe Bon

The other day I had a coffee and a blueberry muffin at Café Bon.  The coffee was great and the muffin was pretty good.

Nice place to sit and read the paper and enjoy coffee...

Close to NNPC station on Aminu Kano.

Cheese rolls

I am addicted to cheese rolls... These are from Casa Linda in Maitama Abuja.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live Performance! 18 May 2013


What:  Laolu, Atta LeNell, The Handsome Fuchs, and King Fajj
Where:  Casa Linda, 8 Colorado Close, Maitama, Abuja FCT
Time: 7pm
When:  Saturday May 18th, 2013

Laolu is at it again with his collaborations!
Laolu will also be performing some new never heard before songs!

Laolu and Atta LeNell are performing live with the Handsome Fuchs and Featuring King Fajj this Saturday

The Handsome Fuchs are an all expat 'oyibo' band that play a wide variety of covers and some originals.  If you've never seen them or heard them live, this is your chance.

Atta LeNell is one of the best Acoustic guitarists that Abuja has to offer.  Come be amazed!

T-shirts will also be for sale.  If you want something special or in particular please make an advance order at They are 6k each.

For further directions:  Minister's Hill is the Mississippi Street part of Maitama.
From Alvan Ikoku Way, go to Thames St which is the 1st left (just after Mississippi, it will be on your first right, so pass Mississippi)while on Thames, Colorado will be on your left.  It's 8 Colorado Close.  Park on the Street as there's little parking inside.

e-mail with questions at

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Afromysterics T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE!

Fela design

Afromysterics mask design

Asiwaju Design

Yay!  Afromysterics T-shirts by Laolu Senbanjo are finally available!  If you are interested please e-mail

Each shirt is N6000 (shipping excluded)
available for pick-up in Abuja, Nigeria

You can order by the color you desire and size (also women's shirts available)

More designs to come!

Order yours today!  

Limited availability!

European Film Festival currently going on at Silverbird

If you like movies, like I do, currently the European Film Festival is going on at Silverbird from May 1-14th, 2013 for FREE!

Please see the link for more details!

This (not so-easy) Nigerian Life

Life has been…hard lately for me in Nigeria.  During most of March and April I had serious electricity and water issues in my house.  This makes a person completely desperate and makes them vulnerable to everything.  You feel like doing absolutely nothing because in some ways you can’t actually do anything.  You go to get yourself food and you can’t wash your hands, wash the food, you cannot cook (no electricity), all the food spoils, etc.  You can’t bathe, you can’t flush your toilet, and you are hot and sweaty because there’s no light (this is what we called 'electricity in Nigeria).  This seriously sunk my morale.  Up until yesterday, the water situation was so bad that I’d been taking bucket baths.  Something that I am so not used to doing at all.  And in my present condition isn’t even advisable or good for me. 

I am in limbo at the moment, trying to get things sorted out, fall into place and to come together.  I am really relying on God to see me through at this time. 

Nigeria is getting me down these days.  Not that life is ‘so bad’ or anything but everyone is so apathetic and accepts things as they are.  This can be so hard for me.  Things shouldn’t be this way, people shouldn’t just say okay, or just say, ‘well, that’s Nigeria for you…’  This apathy is exactly the reason why things just won’t change!  It makes me so tired and exhausted.  Abuja recently put in working traffic lights, but sometimes people refuse to obey them and then the whole thing is completely worthless.  You get these terrible tangled cobweb traffic jams that can take an hour to get out of for no reason.  Nigeria can and should be better.  Everyone at the top should be ashamed, everyone at the bottom should be screaming.  It’s no wonder that organizations like Boko Haram (no matter how crazy their ideals are to me) and MEND exist.  Sometimes, I wonder why there aren’t more problems and more outspoken figures and groups.  Sometimes, I wonder why the police themselves don’t rise up against and fight for their rights.  They are the ones that are on the streets supposedly ‘taking care of business’ and they are given enough power to frustrate the average citizen but not enough to make change and their own salaries are so small that they too must be corrupt and take from the average citizen to survive and feed their families… 
Something has got to give…  God help us all.  

Laolu and Friends LIVE in Concert!

Afromysterics Presents:  Laolu and Friends LIVE in Concert!
Live Performances Featuring:  Laolu, Atta LeNell, Pelumi, Dayo, Sam, Debbie and more!

Come enjoy a night of Acoustic music, Art, and more!
When:  Saturday May 4th, 2013
Starts at 7pm prompt
@ Casa Linda, 8 Colorado Close, Minister's Hill, Maitama, Abuja, FCT

Call 08092549901 or email with any questions!

Also featuring:  PUT, Pretty Ugly Things Art and T-Shirts

See Laolu's latest video "Love Before" here:

Come on Saturday to see the Live Acoustic version featuring Atta LeNell

A little bit about Laolu:

Laolu Senbanjo is the creator of ‘Afromysterics’ style of art. This brain child of his was created in 2007 It transcends Art mediums and is also expression of the thoughts and mysteries into music, vocals, and sounds.
A self-taught visual artist (who’s preferred medium is charcoal, but not exclusively), singer-songwriter, and guitarist was born to Yoruba Parents in Ilorin, Nigeria in the early 1980’s. He is influenced by the likes of Fela Kuti, Sade, Sunny Ade and Twin Seven Seven.
He describes ‘Afromysterics’ as the mysteries of the African thought pattern.
Laolu’s passions are divided equally between his true loves of music and art. He oftens sings about his art or vice-versa, creates art based on a song.
His art is a visual narrative in the traditional African way, as it always tells a story. His current hit songs are 'flowers' and 'love before'
Laolu is also a practicing Human Rights Lawyer

follow him on twitter:  @laolusenbanjo

About Atta LeNell:  Atta is an incredible pianist and guitarist.  Recently he has opened his own production studio in Maitama, Abuja.  Also, he's working on his own debut album that will be coming out soon.