Monday, March 25, 2013


Yogurberry is located in wuse II in Abuja close to jevinik restaurant on Bangui street. It was either close to or was 1k for this frozen yoghurt with literally one oreo and one famous Amos cookie.

I'm not a fan of frozen yogurt to begin with. I love me some ice cream, the more rich, caloric and creamy the better, I am a real woman afterall... But this was a disappointment. They are stingy with the toppings and the selection/assortment of toppings were small. The fruit options are things I'd never put in frozen yoghurt, like: watermelon, apples and...I think that was the only option available.

I still prefer Chloe's cupcake heaven for locally made (I think) ice cream and dunes for blue bunny. But amigo's is my best bet because you can have a cone and it's very affordable...

As they say, never trusts skinny cook! I take my ice cream seriously...



  1. Hello there,

    First of all, thank you for your visit and more importantly commenting on our products and services, we're always looking to improve and your criticism will certainly help.
    A quick correction though, you bought the small cups @ N550 with toppings (its N400 without toppings).

    Being an obvious Ice Cream Addict there is very little convincing we can probably do but we sincerely appreciate your visit and hope whenever you crave a healthy, affordable dessert we'll see you again.



  2. I've been to yogurberry many times and the picture you posted looks like the two scoops two toppings and it costs 650 naira, which is closer to 500 than it is to 1000. Your picture also looks suspiciously devoid of the toppings. Yogurberry is a nice place and your review speaks nothing of the ambience and the quality of the yoghurt, regardless of your preference for icecream.

  3. So, I posted this almost a year ago. First of all, I know how much I paid because I complained about the price to the cashier. Maybe the prices were different or I was charged "incorrectly" or accidentally given the oyinbo price but regardless I was disappointed in my overall experience. But this was long ago. I'm not around now so I cannot give them a second try at this point. When I'm in country next I'll give them another go.

    Happy eating!