Thursday, November 15, 2012

Writing for Therapy

I haven't seen my sister in years.  We don't keep in communication as well as I'd like, mostly because I am too busy.  So when I was thinking of giving her a brief excerpt of what's going on in my life, in my head it went like this. 

"I work...and work...and work.  I am constantly working.  Why, I don't even know?  I guess mostly out of fear of losing my job.  Outside of my work, I am happy, so incredibly happy.  Life in Nigeria is not always easy but overall, I enjoy living in Nigeria..."  

That's a little bit of how it goes in my head.  I have so many details and stories to share with her because so many years have passed now...  

I am so stressed at the moment.  It's almost unbearable.  I don't even want her to know this because it's almost embarrassing.  I work so much and so hard and feel like I am not making any headway.  Sometimes I think it's Nigeria getting the best of me, other times I think it's my boss.  Lately, I feel like a slave.  I love what I do but I am so unhappy in my job at the moment.  I feel like it's swallowing me alive.  

But I know there is a brighter day ahead.  I know that the silver lining is coming.  

I have so much going on that is good in my life.  My husband is the rock that I longed for, searched far and wide for, and finally found.  We are starting a family.  This is something I have hoped for and dreamed about for years...  And now it's happening with a man who cannot wait to be a father.  It's a dream come true that feels like it's almost a miracle for me.  

So I just keep moving on, moving forward, reaching and grabbing for that brighter day ahead that awaits me.  

Good night.  

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