Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fuel scarcity

The fuel/gas situation is getting worse in Nigeria.  This thing has been on and off for the past several months but it's beginning to reach whole new level these days.

Last week, on Friday, several of my parents at my School did not bring their kids because they had no gas in there cars...

My dry cleaner (named Success, who has improved my quality of life vastly) was supposed to bring our clothes last week on Friday.  However, we did not get them til this Monday morning because he did not have gas in his car to bring them.

 Most people have to wait in line for hours and then fight just to get a quarter of a tank of fuel or buy the black market that's readily available (of course).

We are given reasons for these shortages but the reasons are often flimsy and they don't hold up, or at least they don't to me.

It's days like this I miss the US.

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