Thursday, November 15, 2012

BP and Israel

So tonight when I got home from a long day, I saw on tv that BP finally is having to pay a heavy settlement for the first time in what seems like...ever.  When I began to think about it, I realize that it was inevitable.  And I thank God that it finally happened.  What made me sad is that it's not being paid to Nigeria and to Nigerians.  BP and all the other oil companies don't really care what type of havoc they wreak on the land here.  Nigeria is blessed with so many natural resources, besides the human capacity it has.  However, the land has been raped, pillaged, abused, and stripped naked by Nigerians and foreigners alike. Yet, at the same time I wonder that if Nigeria was given a settlement where would it go, who would benefit???  And that scares me even more.  With all the resources Nigeria has it literally could be a super power instead of the insignificant overpopulated country filled with middle class highly educated youth who lack the ability to try to better their country and spend all day on their bb's tweeting.  

The world is changing.  Everyday something new happens.   Barack Obama has now been given a second term as the US President (someday say Hallelujah!).  

Israel has officially declared war with Palestine via twitter.  Ok.  What is this?  This should not be a trend.  I find this highly disturbing...  Both the twitter and the war.  Why can we not find a way to just get a long?  Sometimes, I am really scared for the world that I am choosing to bring children into.  I feel that I will someday leave it and it will be in a worse place than when I arrived.  This is not right.  

Yes, my child has a chance at becoming the US President but what will the United States of America have become by that point in time?  Will he or she rather come and live in Nigeria??  It certainly is food for thought.  I am constantly telling people that the economy here in Nigeria is far better than that in the US at this time.  And I truly believe this without a doubt.  

But somewhere, no matter how deep it is, I am hopeful of this world.  I am hopeful because I have not given up.  I think I still spend more time doing than complaining on my blog or twitter (or at least I hope do).  And I know that as long as we are discussing change...the possibility of trying to make change happen is always there.  

Good night.

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