Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel stories part one

Travels  stories part 1
1:01 pm French time.
On the TGV to Schwerin, Germany w/Barrister       
      So today we are taking the train from Paris to Schwerin. It was a very slow start today. I couldn't seem to wake up and pull myself together. I even missed the opportunity to have Starbucks and McDonalds. Imagine that!     As I sit and write this on my galaxy note, Barrister is drawing, and an American couple is discussing whether or not they should stay married or not while their 3 year old son babbles to himself.  The trip has been stressful so far but I've enjoyed it immensely. We flew on Ethiopian airlines which I was a bit skeptical about at first but it was smooth and good. I watched the film, "Salmon fishing in the Yemen" and the first half of "the best exotic marigold hotel." I enjoyed both films. Barrister finished his Nneka drawing (Afromysterics head).  We landed in Addis Ababa and I was a bit sad that we wouldn't be getting down to explore. Another time another trip. We sat in a cafe and had a small snack and chilled. We almost missed our flight to Paris because we didn't know the time difference and didn't realize time had gone.     Unfortunately there was no individual TV screens on the plane. I always hate that, like seriously. We finally landed and were in Paris. It took us several hours to figure put the train and to get to town. We checked in at our hotel, rested and then ate at McDonalds. Afterwards, I  Barrister to the Eiffel tower. He wasn´t in awe as i had expected but c'est la vie. We took plenty of pictures.  Afterwards we went to Notre dame cathedral, but before we made it there we went to another church that looked like a small Notre dame, lol.  Our patience has been worn thin by the stress of lack of sleep, food, and we are both worried about the success off this trip. Not enough planning and organization had gone on and that's mostly my fault because i haven't had the time. So i know what i must do to make the rest of it successful and turn out better. Last night, i went and bought take away Chinese and some snacks from Monoprix. We both enjoyed our meal of rice, shrimp, chicken, berry juice, string cheese and yogurt. It was nice shopping and buying food in such a fine store and being able to walk to and from. Although i was so exhausted from all the trains and walking yesterday, i so immensely enjoyed it. I miss life like that. Once barrister slept his mood significantly changed and improved. We spoke to everyone at home. Was so nice.  Today we are off to see Nico and his family in Germany. I can't wait. For now we ride the train, write, read draw and talk. The French countryside is gorgeous and green... I love it. Reminds me of my trip to Montpelier.
Stay tuned for more...

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