Monday, August 20, 2012

Learning how to love and live

Every day I learn, every day I grow, for the better I hope. Currently, we are in Schwerin, Germany staying with my bff. We are enjoying fantastic, fresh, local organic food on the farm. The Jahn family had taken us in and treated us as their own. It's really amazing. We are so blessed.

So a bit of an update of what we've been up too.

(I wrote out this long blog already but I lost here we go again.) We took the train from Paris to Schwerin, Germany, sailed on the Schweriner Sea, swam in the Baltic, drove on the Autobahn, participated in local jam sessions, went to two local concerts, bought a new guitar, played games, took a lot of photos, prepared some amazing and mouthwatering meals, gone on walks, and so much more. This trip had been like a dream and was exactly what we needed whether or not we knew it. The Jahn's have been a blessing to us... Wow. I'm so speechless because words cannot express my gratitude. The best part of this trip is learning about the new love in my world and having the time I have with him. It's so amazing and wonderful. Keep tuned for more adventures...

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