Monday, June 11, 2012

Your Love is my Scripture

Life is so good.  I mean, I could say that over and over and I still cannot explain how good it really is.  I love my job.  I love the man in my life.  I love my friends.  I just love my life.  I knew that last year when I was going through all that loneliness and pain that God had something beautiful in store for me.  I never knew that it could look and feel like this.  I am  so blessed.  Everyday I need to thank God and those around me for making my life this great and sweet. 

My mom always told me I was special, that I would have happiness.  Well, my time is here and I am lavishing in this happiness.

So to give the blog world a few updates. 
1.  I run a School in Abuja.  Been doing this since last year in October.  Please look us up sometime:

2.  I am in a new very happy relationship.  So it's official, I am off the market, please send your CV's elsewhere. 

3.  I am working on some new things... Please check back often...

Sending all my readers *love*

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