Monday, June 11, 2012

a brighter future...

You hurt me.  You hurt me to the core of my heart.  Your love made me lonely.  Your love made me cry.  Your love made me so sad.  But I hurt no more.  I've grown.  I've got a new love now...  It's life.  It's my life.  It's opened me up to so many new opportunities.  It's beautiful.  I am a new woman.  I am whole.  I am grown.  I am blessed.  But best of all, I am in love with me...

You tried to break me, but I couldn't be broken.  I am strong.  I am ALL woman.  You tried to wreck me but you failed.  I am tenacious.  I believe in me.  I am ALL woman. 

I ask myself sometimes, where did it go wrong?  Why on earth did I stay so long?  What did I get from this?  But the truth remains that love is esoteric; it's only understood by those involved.  I know I cannot ask why but instead to live without regret and to try my best to learn from my mistakes  made.

I am someone new and I am here just for you, Olaolu.  I promise to be a good wife for life... 
I am yours and there is something beautiful inside of me just waiting to transform your life.

My future is so bright... is yours?

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