Friday, April 27, 2012

Laolu Senbanjo

So I want to introduce someone special to you all... His name is Laolu Senbanjo and he's an incredibly talented artist. His preferred medium is charcoal or ink, however, he goes far beyond just that... His style is quite modern and has a lot of pop culture references but he definitely has an old school flair with a lot of Yoruba art and mythological influences.
He has a gallery in Garki, "Afromysterics" feel free to make an appointment and check it out.
Also, you can see more of his works, read more about him and contact him via his website:
 I recently wrote about the painting above...  I will share that with ya'll another day.  But I must say that this is my favourite piece of his...  If you feel like spending some money on some very good art, share the love with Laolu.  You can go visit his gallery, enjoy some amazing art, hear some music, make some music, discuss the world, philosophize and more...

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