Saturday, January 28, 2012


The current state of insecurity normally doesn't disturb me that much in Nigeria...until today.

Today, I was told that I'm someone's enemy. That person happens to be the night security man in my compound. :o Yes, :o

I looked up the definition of enemy:

 a person who is hostile to and wishes or tries to harm another

(According to )

This really threw me for a loop today mentally.
Today was supposed to be my day to shine but I feel scared and broken. But I will not allow him to steal my joy or make me afraid.

Good night.
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  1. Why are you his enemy?or why is he your enemy? It is sad to see the things that are happening in nigeria these days. As if being labelled a fraudster isn't enough (for being nigerian), now terrorism is an everyday occurance. May god destroy the plans of anyone seeking to harm others. Stay safe

    Aminu from Yola

  2. what exactly did he mean?the night guard I mean? i have read your whole blog today and find it very interesting . it is a good read as you express your feeling living in abuja.