Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My 2nd Abuja Christmas

This Christmas was my 2nd one in Abuja, Nigeria.

I must admit, this was much better than the last, except someone was missing.  :(  However, the reason this one was better than the last was because, this one, I remembered the reason for the season.  Everything I celebrated, I remembered the reason for the season...Jesus. 

I went and enjoyed food at people's homes.  I went to church and it was beautifully decorated.  In fact, the Christmas tree was the best I've seen this year.  The music was phenomenal as ever.  Afterwards, I went to a Chinese restaurant in Maitama called "Marco Polo" with  my Caregroup.  We had a lovely time. 

But I missed that special someone and I missed my mom.  Christmas will never be the same without  my mom in it...

However, I am so grateful for my church, Family Worship Centre and for my Caregroup.  Pastor Wale and his wife Uduak made me feel special this Christmas.  My Caregroup leader and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dada gave me that extra little love to make me feel like I mattered.  I am so grateful for finding a home within Family Worship Centre. 

I am constantly reminded as to how very blessed I am... Thank you, Jesus!

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