Saturday, November 26, 2011


On Thursday, it was my 1 year Anniversary in Abuja.  It was also American Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow is my First Church Thanksgiving.  I feel like I am finally settling into Abuja life and too be honest, my adult life.  I know, this is a bit crazy to say as I am officially over thirty but yes, I feel like I am finally settling in and finding my way.  But I must admit, I am lonely.  Severely lonely.  Yes, I have friends but it's not the same.  Even though I now have like 200 and some children that I am responsible for, and it's not even a family or a child that I long for, I long and miss having someone to come home too.  I long to cook for a man.  But I am not scared because I know that 1. I am a good woman and 2.  There's a reason and a season for everything and I can feel mine coming. 

I have never done a church Thanksgiving before.  Tomorrow will be my first.  I had a lot of help getting my 'costume' ready.  I have to thank Mummy L for giving me a top/blouse to readjust to make it smaller for my size.  Truly, these days I am kind of 'small' on top.  I love it!  I have to thank Doctor Osom for getting me a new hair tie and judge material for my skirt and wrapper.  I have to thank my Madam for the shoes she bought me in Dubai which I will wear on my feet!  The only thing I've had to do for my Thanksgiving attire is to get my hair tie tied (which I will do later today in the market) and buy my beads!  I will post pictures tomorrow of my outfit or will try because I don't know who I will have take pictures. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in the states other than Christmas.  I love the Thanksgiving meal.  This year I didn't do it properly by any means but next year I promise too.  But I will implement into my school. 

Right now, I know that my life isn't where I want it to be but I appreciate where it is going.  I am so thankful for my job, a great boss and friend, so many good people and friends around me, and the potential for love.  I am also thankful for my church.  Thanks to RoRo for introducing me to Family Worship Centre.  Thanks to Pastor Wale for taking me under his wing and being my big brother here in Abuja and teaching me take risks.  Thanks to Sister Lubica for introducing me to a new Caregroup.  And thanks to Brother Tunde for remembering my name. 

I had a lovely conversation with my dad on Thanksgiving.  It reminded me of all the good things in life. 

Have you shown your gratitude today?  Have you counted your blessings?

This picture below was in the living room of my house when I was growing up.  Too me it always represented someone who was showing gratitude...

Bless your soul!

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