Monday, August 29, 2011

Rain Rain, go away!

I must admit, I am so sick and tired of this rain.  Don't get me wrong, generally, I love the rain but this rain is preventing me from doing the things I love, like swim and see the sun!  But the real reason I hate the rain is because it's too hard and fast and I HAVE NO RAINCOAT!  I wouldn't mind it so much if I had my red rain coat but my friend who has my things, I have no way of reaching!  All attempts at contacting Rinku have failed.  So if you know Rinku and can get in touch with her, please tell her I want my rain coat!  :'( 
And this rain is ruining my favorite foods like leeks and other wonderful vegetables.  So yeah, I am tired of this rain.  It's so different than Yola rain.  Yola rain is at night and sunshine during the day.  It's lovely.  And Alaska and Minnesota rain is generally lighter and not so forceful.  So you can manage to walk around in it without becoming so incredibly soaking wet that it looks like you took a shower with your clothes on or jumped in a pool! 

I am ready for the hot and dry season!  BRING IT ON! 

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