Friday, July 29, 2011

Spice Foods

This week I joined a friend of mine for lunch at an Indian restaurant that I've eaten at once before, had their food at several catered events, and happen to know the owner as well.  The restaurant is Spice Foods in Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.  It's just opposite Bolton White Hotel.

For the price of 2500 naira per person we had the buffet, dessert (I think it might have been something similar to Kaseri but not sure, I did not ask) and I had a sweet lassi and my friend had a star.  So Spice Foods buffet is most definitely a bargain.  I've had Wakkis several times before and find the prices too high and the taste is just okay.  However, Spice Foods has me eating some Indian dishes that I've never been fond of before and every time I get a little more adventurous.  I forgot to take pictures, so sorry.  

However, what led me/us to Spice Foods was due to a craving.  The craving was sag paneer.  Gluten Free Girl made it from scratch on her blog recently and it had me craving it.  And I got what I was looking for!  Mmm...  Also, I really enjoyed the chilli shrimp.  

They cater, they deliver on orders larger than 6500 naira and they have a daily lunch buffet and a buffet each Friday night.  I highly recommend Spice Foods when you are craving Indian food in Abuja.  They also have a location in Kano as well. 

Check it out next time your craving Indian!

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