Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Busy

Life has been really busy lately.  Seriously busy.  Yes, I know I am always busy, but this has been busier than normals.  The boys have been visiting me from Ota for the past 2 weeks.  We have gone and done many things since then. 

Gurara Falls:
We went to Gurara Falls.  I enjoyed it.  It was pretty nice but coming from Minnesota, it’s not all that impressive because we have such features all over the place.  It’s a nice place to have a picnic.  However, due to the latest bombing it caused some problems getting there.  It took a lot more time than it normally would.  Normally, it’s supposed to take around 90 minutes from Abuja, however, it took us almost 3 hours to get there due to all the checkpoints. 
I planned a retirement party for work recently.  That took up much of my time and it was a successful event.  However, I am glad it’s over with. 

Eden Gardens
We went to Eden Gardens in Jabi, although, it’s right around the corner from the house practically in Utako.  We went for fish and chips.  Now, if you like your catfish baked, it’s the place for you.  They wrapped it in foil with the chips and onions and then put it on the grill.  In the end, your fish and chips get baked.  Now, I didn’t really enjoy it this way.  I like my chips crunchy and fresh and I like the skin cooked on my fish not baked.  So I still prefer the Abacha Barracks.  But they did have a fire breather there on the stage which was kind of cool. 

Abuja Hash House Harriers
As usual, I go to the Hash every other Saturday, which meets outside the Hilton in the parking lot at 3pm.  This weekend we hiked along an active mine in Mpapa.  It was a long one and I was exhausted in the end.  As usual, I enjoyed myself. 

I have seen two films in the theatre recently.
1.       Hangover Part 2 (loved it)
2.       X-Men:  First Generation (enjoyed it)

Salamander Film Club
I’ve attended the Salamander Film Club for the last two Sundays.  We’ve watched ‘the grapes of wrath’ and ‘on the waterfront.’  Two old Classic Black and White American films.  I realized that I am not so into Black and White films anymore and older films.  As we grow older, we begin to learn what we dislike even more.  I find my attention span getting smaller and this becomes an issue with some older films as they tend to drag on and also I find myself less interested in dramas that are related to different some stories.  I enjoy romance and holiday films the best.  I know, such a typical woman, but you know what, that’s okay.  I am allowed to like what I like!!!  But I will try and continue going on Sunday’s even if the film doesn’t fall into those categories. 

I sincerely hope life begins to slow down. But I believe with the things I am changing in my life that this will naturally happen. 

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