Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bnatural spa

So... I have been searching for ages (ever since I came to Nigeria actually) for a place that does eyebrow waxes and other good services. Well! I have finally found the place. Bnatural is located here in Abuja in Maitama.

Last week I got my eyebrows waxed for 1200naira. Great deal and the did a fantastic job.

Today I am getting a mani/pedi done. They sit you in these lovely massage chairs that works your back, soak your feet in a fantastic foot bath and make you beautiful. The cost is:
Manicure: 2000 naira
Pedicure: 3000 naira

They also do a really good job of cutting oyinbo/bature hair for both men and women. The prices range from 1200 for men and (I think) 3000 for women.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria. Imani estate, Maitama

Come here to be pampered!

***disclaimer: opinions on this blog are from me only and I believe I'm a pretty good judge in Naija.
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  1. Hello... just found your blog and like your posts. I'm working on a nigerian web site - it's a city guide to lagos and abuja. Would like to exchange links with your blog.