Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Illness is a constant battle in Nigeria for me. I'm always getting sick. I think this is a constant battle for many of us here. Not just me. Afterall, Nigeria is part of the tropical region of Africa so with that in mind, illness should be an issue.

However, my physical body is constantly at war with some illness or another. And therefore, my exercise regime or lack thereof is also in this war. In fact, I often use it as an excuse, albeit good and smart one but sometimes I can't exercise because I need to rest my malaria/typhoid/allergy/flu-ridden body instead of swimming. Another problem is swimming. I love swimming but only have time to do so at night and therefore it is alright dark out and the weather can be a little more cold. This too can wreak havoc and cause problems for me.

So I'm trying my best to take better care of myself so I can truly begin a serious exercise regiment in the near future. I am going to give Zumba try and I think this might be a cure for the cold and I will only swim when there is sun like on the weekends.

Do you live in Nigeria? How do fight off the illnesses?
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