Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Illness is a constant battle in Nigeria for me. I'm always getting sick. I think this is a constant battle for many of us here. Not just me. Afterall, Nigeria is part of the tropical region of Africa so with that in mind, illness should be an issue.

However, my physical body is constantly at war with some illness or another. And therefore, my exercise regime or lack thereof is also in this war. In fact, I often use it as an excuse, albeit good and smart one but sometimes I can't exercise because I need to rest my malaria/typhoid/allergy/flu-ridden body instead of swimming. Another problem is swimming. I love swimming but only have time to do so at night and therefore it is alright dark out and the weather can be a little more cold. This too can wreak havoc and cause problems for me.

So I'm trying my best to take better care of myself so I can truly begin a serious exercise regiment in the near future. I am going to give Zumba try and I think this might be a cure for the cold and I will only swim when there is sun like on the weekends.

Do you live in Nigeria? How do fight off the illnesses?
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

kate in her gown.jpg

Dressed up for choir concert :)
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This quartet opened for our choir concert on 22 May 2011. They were lovely. :)
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 2011 Hash

The view from the top of the mountain. This mountain is in Lifecamp in Abuja, Nigeria.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken Suya

The best chicken suya in Abuja is at Yahuza suya in Wuse II behind AP plaza. I love the chicken and masa. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Good!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Friends and Gratitude

These days I seem to be doing a lot of reflecting.  It might be because of all the spare time I have at night, or it might be from all the praying I seem to be doing, or it might be from influences from the ones I love, I am not sure, but I seem to be thinking a lot about friendship these days.  It came up in church on Sunday too.  However, I seem to be unfriending a lot of people on facebook these days.  Why?  Well, sometimes we all need a little unfriending in our lives.  Do we really know the people that have access to our lives and person information on facebook, really?  Do you really want them having that much access into your life?  Really?  Well, I don't, not really, not anymore... I am learning to be discerning.  This is an acquired skill for me, one that I am learning slowly, bit-by-bit. 

And another thing I have been learning is to be grateful, thankful, and notice the blessings of friendship in my life.  For example, I am so thankful for some of the women God has blessed me with recently.  They have showered me with love and affection and give me their time.  Most of them don't have much time, but they give it to me anyway.  So I am thankful for Agnes, Thalie, Izabela, and Elisabeth for being in my life.  Without you, I would be more lonely than I already am.  I also need to thank the wonderful man in my life as well.  Thank you for being patient with me and putting up with my annoying incessant calls, texts, mails, and more.  Thank you for trying and being what I need in life.  And most importantly, thank you for loving me. 

I am trying out a lot of new things this year.  I am trying to be more active in life and really digging into things.  I am also trying to be patient, this is not so easy, but I am trying it out.  It is now May, we are five months into the New Year, therefore, we are almost to the half-way point.  Are you succeeding on any of the goals you started with in the beginning of the year?  Or do you need to be reminded that you had those resolutions way back when and you lost track of time???  Either way, it's not about the years, it's about living in the moment and making a difference each day.  The one lesson I keep re-learning this year and keep reminding myself is this, no matter how bad my day is, there is a huge chance that when I wake up tomorrow, a good day will come. 

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