Sunday, April 10, 2011

The latest

During the Nigerian elections if you are not allowed to vote you are not allowed movement during election days. However, I have basically self-imposed lockdown for the entire weekend. Why? 1. Safety 2. It forces me to rest.

So I have been cooking for the first time in a long time and watching lots of films and tv series.

However, this break is good for rest but bad because I really need to be exercising because I'm gaining so much weight back due to my long work hours that are mostly sedentary and stress. Plus overeating has become another issue again for me. I think a huge part of this one is due to loneliness.


The way back
The Kings Speech
Fair game(I love love loved this film about Valerie Plame Wilson)
The Romantics
Morning Glory (only half)
For Colored Girls (only half)

Tv series
No ordinary family
The Closer
Grey's Anatomy
Modern Family

I know I'm missing more and will add later.

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