Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chocolate high

This post is a long time coming. I've been in Nigeria for a while now...and I love it. I consider it my home now. If you ask me why, its not easy to explain. But when you meet up with another Nigerwife often I hear the same thing that I tell people. "Why do you like Nigeria?" Because when I came here I knew I was home. This is so often the answer and its mine too. I hope that my nephew and big sis can come visit me in my home this year to share it with them.

For example, we are currently experiencing the elections. They are supposed to be over three Saturdays, but nothing ever goes as planned, of course. And to top it off. On these days, there's no movement allowed which is enforced by police and military. Out of safety, I am choosing to stay locked in all weekend. I don't believe in taking unnecessary risks. So yesterday's elections were postponed. They ballots didn't arrive. Its utter bullshit. But its life. There's no real democracy her, nor do I believe it really exists in the US either. This weekends elections were for senate and house of reps seats. So now they are on Monday.

So. Since I'm in lockdown, I know some of you might ask, why would I want to live in a place like this? There is no easy answer except, I truly feel that this is my home. Now, I don't feel at home always in my workplace but I often feel like my workplace doesn't really belong in Nigeria.

So. What I love about nigeria? The people, the rhythm of life, the way people move, the goodness of people, the welcoming arms that are often opened, that it takes a village mentality, and the optimistic attitude of the people here. It's just lovely.

When I leave nigeria, I miss home so bad. This is why I say I am in love with Nigeria. I guess Nigeria is my chocolate high.

Where do you consider home and why? Can you explain it to others?

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