Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This weekend was really nice and very relaxing.  It was spent shopping, swimming, eating, and sleeping.  We went out to several places.  I am going to try and start reviewing the places I go here on the blog.  I had lots of naps this weekend, well, one (but for me, that is a lot).  We went swimming on Saturday, to Obudu Grill at the Sheraton for dinner, church on Sunday morning and to L’Etoile for dinner on Sunday night.

Obudu Grill at the Sheraton
This place is quite fancy, although, we rarely dress up when we go. 
They are open later in the day, not for lunch.
This time we didn’t have any steak or beef. 
We had the Giant Tiger Prawns and Salmon.  They were both fantastic.  As usual the appetizers that are included and the sides are more than enough food.  You do not need to order any soup or extra appetizers.  You generally get an amuse buche, freshly baked bread, and onion rings with your meal. 
They also have a piano and someone plays it later in the evenings.  Unless you come with your own!

L’Etoile Cafe in Maitama (Ministers Hill area, off of River Nile St on the right hand side)
A nice place with stained glass windows and white table cloths.  Unfortunately, there smoking section is large (they offer hookahs) and is the nicer area in my opinion.
There food is largely Lebanese, French and Nigerian dishes.
For appetizers we had Fish Pepper soup (no bones) and very spicy!  The oyinbo could not handle it.  Cheese rolls (yum!) and falafel.  (All of these cost around 700/800 naira each)
For our meal we had the Chicken Provencale and the Chicken Sayovard (I think).  I chose the rice with my chicken provencale and would definitely again.  It’s a nice fried rice and very fresh with leeks and other great things in it.  I would recommend the Chicken Provencale, although next time I might try the kiev.  I would not recommend the Sayovard, even though the chicken was the size of the entire plate! But it was breaded and deep fried.  I would suggest their chicken breast filet items instead.  There portions are large for their entrees.  The prices for our chicken ran ran around 2500 each or so. 
I will definitely be back.  Especially for the cheese rolls.  Yum! 

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