Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hash and chop

So I've been regularly attending the hashes here in Abuja.  I really like them because they force me to get out and sweat and see new places around Abuja.  Also, I have been enjoying some new places to eat around Abuja as well.  If you want to know more about what a 'hash' is go to wikipedia and type in hash house harriers.  There are hashes all over the world and in several cities in Nigeria.

Favorite Chinese restaurant in Abuja.
Wok and Koi inside Silverbird.  They have prawn spring rolls that have mayo in them!  This Minnesota girl thinks she has died and gone to heaven when she eats one!

Favorite place for Steak in Abuja.
Obudu Grill inside the Sheraton.

I am still in search of  the best Shawarma in Abuja.

Life in Abuja is treating me well.  I am enjoying my new job and new home.  My year 2011 is going well.  

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