Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So what

I love Miles Davis. I swear I will love this album (Kind of Blue) just as much when I'm 100 as I do now. It will never age. It's timeless. It always blows my mind every time I listen to it. Na wa o. Damn!

You can listen to this in the car, you can listen while making din-din, while making love, or having a dinner party. It's cool for any mood. Seriously, you can't go wrong.

Thank you, Jesus for giving us Miles!

Do you have one of those albums that does this to you?
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Abuja Shawarma Review

So far, since I moved to Abuja I have had a decent amount of Shawarma.  This review is not a full list yet, but I will add to it later.  I of course, decided to do this because of the person from the Abuja Expats yahoogroup who did it last year.  So it led me to doing one in Yola.  Which I had fun doing.  But when I began looking for Shawarma in Abuja I decided to begin with that blessed list that started it all.

In Abuja, Shawarma is very different than Yola.  Also, it’s much larger and more expensive than in Yola.  Also, there’s a lot of variety in the types of Shawarma here in Abuja.  Sometimes they make it super spicy, other times no spice at all, some put pickles in it, some put hot dogs in it, some put cabbage, other don’t, some put barbecue sauce in it, etc... 

So here’s my review. 

Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent

I had the chicken Shawarma.  It had pickles in it.  I normally love pickles but the ones I often taste in Nigeria are way too vinegary and are not nice for my palate.  There was no spice.  I will never eat their Shawarma again.  I felt bad that I brought it to my work Christmas party because everyone is Nigerian except me and I fed them the most bland Shawarma possible.  L 
They have pizzas and a lot of other sandwich options as well.  But this review is about Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma in particular. 

(I haven’t had their Shawarma since Christmas time.  I don’t remember the prices or anything). 

(This supermarket in Asokoro by the Catholic Church)

I can’t remember the name at the moment, will update it later when I find it out
I had there chicken Shawarma like three times.  It’s very spicy, very large, loads of chicken, it also has bbq sauce in it.  It’s very yummy.  You can sit and have a drink under the stars, have ice cream and buy fruits and veggies and vcd’s all right there.  Plus, they have a barber shop.  It’s a nice place.  But I don’t live in the neighbourhood, so it’s not ideal for me.  But if you live in Asokoro, I think it’s your best bet in the area.  Yum! 

Shawarma King
Inside The Mall on Gana Street in Maitama

My favourite Shawarma by far.

We have had their Shawarma twice.  Both times I ordered the small chicken Shawarma with cheese.  Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmm.  I love it.  I think it’s 600 or 700 Naira.  It’s very filling, very tasty, and always HOT, so I recommend you let it cool before eating.  It’s great because it’s down the street from choir practice and so I can have dinner there beforehand.  I love the cheese that they put inside.  It’s really a great combination.  They have all sorts of options here as well.  The first time they added a hot dog into mine. Asides from the fact that it is VERY MESSY, we think it's the best shawarma Abuja has to offer. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On happiness

On happiness

These days I am quite happy, I might even go as far as to say I’m blissful.  I’m learning more about patience and about compromise.  

Work keeps me busy throughout my six day work week.  I enjoy what I am doing and overall I really like my colleagues.  I continue to have issues with jealousy and envy within the workplace though.  But I am learning to deal and cope with that.  I spend my days at work and my nights either doing my supermarket run, swimming, at choir, or caregroup.  I am not getting as much exercise as I’d like because of my intense work schedule.  Other than the occasional swim and the hash every other weekend, my exercise schedule is limited.  I want to try and expand it to going to the gym but I am not there yet.  One reason is I don’t have the key.  I haven’t paid the 10,000 naira fee, not because I haven’t wanted too but mostly because the lady isn’t around to collect it and give me the fee.  

My laptop died last week.  This is going to force me to get out and exercise more because now I have nothing to do in the evenings.  I have nothing to watch any television show or film on!  It’s quite saddening for me actually.  I enjoy my evenings in and relaxing while watching ‘Modern Family.’  But now I can’t watch my shows or download my new podcasts or anything...  It’s depressing but the mac was 6 years old.  So... 
So from reading friend’s blogs and seeing others move to new places and the possibility of living in other areas of Nigeria I have been thinking lately of places I might like to live both in Nigeria and outside.  So I would definitely like to live in Lagos someday, even with the traffic, that’s the only place I’d like to live in Nigeria outside of Abuja, for now, I’d consider Kano as well or Kaduna.  But outside of Nigeria there are many places I’d like to live but some of them might be difficult because of language barriers or having to learn a new language or actually learn the language instead of my failed attempts.  Some of these places are:  France (I love France, the country, the food, the culture, although, not necessarily the people, the Minnesota gal in me is too friendly and nice and sometimes I expect the same courtesy back), the UK (I’d be down for pretty much anywhere, not just England either, I’d like to live in Scotland or Ireland as well, plus, I have the language down pretty good), Canada (either Toronto or British Columbia), and for the US I’d like to live in Boston, the Bay area, LA, or Seattle, I would also consider Japan because I do love the food but again the language would be a severe issue.  And I’m always down for trying another African country out, nothing in particular in mind.  And honestly, from the curveballs life has thrown at me in the last year, you never know what the next six months will bring.  But I am always up for exploring something new.  Plus, you never know what might cause some more happiness in your life!

For now, I leave you with this.  I am trying so hard to realize everyday the blessings I have in my life.  I encourage you to do the same.  Stay blessed, ya’ll!


This weekend was really nice and very relaxing.  It was spent shopping, swimming, eating, and sleeping.  We went out to several places.  I am going to try and start reviewing the places I go here on the blog.  I had lots of naps this weekend, well, one (but for me, that is a lot).  We went swimming on Saturday, to Obudu Grill at the Sheraton for dinner, church on Sunday morning and to L’Etoile for dinner on Sunday night.

Obudu Grill at the Sheraton
This place is quite fancy, although, we rarely dress up when we go. 
They are open later in the day, not for lunch.
This time we didn’t have any steak or beef. 
We had the Giant Tiger Prawns and Salmon.  They were both fantastic.  As usual the appetizers that are included and the sides are more than enough food.  You do not need to order any soup or extra appetizers.  You generally get an amuse buche, freshly baked bread, and onion rings with your meal. 
They also have a piano and someone plays it later in the evenings.  Unless you come with your own!

L’Etoile Cafe in Maitama (Ministers Hill area, off of River Nile St on the right hand side)
A nice place with stained glass windows and white table cloths.  Unfortunately, there smoking section is large (they offer hookahs) and is the nicer area in my opinion.
There food is largely Lebanese, French and Nigerian dishes.
For appetizers we had Fish Pepper soup (no bones) and very spicy!  The oyinbo could not handle it.  Cheese rolls (yum!) and falafel.  (All of these cost around 700/800 naira each)
For our meal we had the Chicken Provencale and the Chicken Sayovard (I think).  I chose the rice with my chicken provencale and would definitely again.  It’s a nice fried rice and very fresh with leeks and other great things in it.  I would recommend the Chicken Provencale, although next time I might try the kiev.  I would not recommend the Sayovard, even though the chicken was the size of the entire plate! But it was breaded and deep fried.  I would suggest their chicken breast filet items instead.  There portions are large for their entrees.  The prices for our chicken ran ran around 2500 each or so. 
I will definitely be back.  Especially for the cheese rolls.  Yum! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hash and chop

So I've been regularly attending the hashes here in Abuja.  I really like them because they force me to get out and sweat and see new places around Abuja.  Also, I have been enjoying some new places to eat around Abuja as well.  If you want to know more about what a 'hash' is go to wikipedia and type in hash house harriers.  There are hashes all over the world and in several cities in Nigeria.

Favorite Chinese restaurant in Abuja.
Wok and Koi inside Silverbird.  They have prawn spring rolls that have mayo in them!  This Minnesota girl thinks she has died and gone to heaven when she eats one!

Favorite place for Steak in Abuja.
Obudu Grill inside the Sheraton.

I am still in search of  the best Shawarma in Abuja.

Life in Abuja is treating me well.  I am enjoying my new job and new home.  My year 2011 is going well.