Saturday, February 5, 2011

The storm is over

Last night it rained like the dickens in Abuja.  It was the first rain of the season.  It rained the night before in Port Harcourt.  When I got to work on Friday morning around 6:45 am Papa said to me, ‘are you ready for the rain?’  I said, ‘rain?  But it’s only February!  It’s not going to rain today.’  

Well, much to my surprise I saw the clouds building up when I was on my way to the supermarket at Lifecamp.  My co-worker was telling me that when he was in Port Harcourt the night before it rained there.  I was shocked.  In Yola, we never saw rain before April and even then it was only a light sprinkle.  

I went to the supermarket and it was packed.  Afterwards I went to the clubhouse and was debating if I should swim or not because the clouds looked really bad and it was lightning in the distance.  But after I had already ordered a coke and was feeling the humidity and heat, I decided, I already dressed to swim, I better go and do it!  So I told the waiter to take back my coke, asked for my food to go and took my very first swim in the lifecamp pool.  The water was cold but not too bad.  The pool and my swim were both fantastic.  I didn’t swim too long because my goal was to make the 7:30pm shuttle.  But my waiter forgot to put in my order and low and behold I missed the 7:30 shuttle and didn’t even swim long because I was afraid of missing the shuttle home.  But in the end, it was a good thing I didn’t swim longer because when the rain started coming down it came down in buckets and sheets.  It was completely pouring rain outside.  They had to rearrange seating at the clubhaus so there wasn’t rain getting on people’s tables and food.  So I sat for another hour in the clubhaus watching the storm.  The roads were flooded when my shuttle finally arrived and cars were stalled all over the place.  There was a large lightning and thunder show as well.  It was quite the spectacle.  I have a feeling we are going to get lots of rain this year.  I need to find my rain coat and buy an umbrella soon.  I am hoping the rain will blow all the harmattan away.  It’s been making me quite miserable. 

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