Saturday, February 5, 2011


Being called ‘fat’ in Nigeria is nothing new too me.  Labaran used to call me fat all the time in Yola.  Nowadays, my two Nigerian female co-workers call me fat all the time.  This upsets me for many reasons.  

  1.  Americans hate being called fat.
  2. Almost every American woman I know is extremely self-conscious with her weight. 
  3. I am currently not fat.  I have lost 50 lbs in the last year.  I am currently the same weight I was in 6th grade and am extremely proud of this.  In my opinion, I am looking damn good! 
  4. My female co-workers are much larger than me. 
So I have come to realize that to Nigerians if you are not stick thin (which many of the white women who come to Nigeria are for some reason) they assume you are fat or to them you are ‘fat.’  They have no idea what this does to ones psyche.  It’s horrendous coming from the American culture and where we are all consumed with weight and body image.  By the way, too most people, in this modern age in Nigeria, fat is not a good thing.  So I am constantly defending my weight and body to others and I hate it.  It upsets me especially because I feel like I have been looking so good lately.  Also, I think they think women with curves are ‘fat’ to them.  So they assume white women should have no shape and definitely no bum whatsoever.  

Anyway, I digress.  I need to learn to not let it get to me and to stop eating the candy that my co-workers love to set on my desk to share with everyone so I don’t become ‘fat’ again and then they’ll be telling the truth...

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