Sunday, September 19, 2010

A useful website

The link below is for a website that is for 'diplomats' coming to Nigeria.  However, I think it's useful for all expats heading this way.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Where would we be without each other?  Those of us who are lucky enough to find love and have someone complete us are truly blessed.  To me, life without love is not worth living.  I believe that I have searched for 'love' since I was a very small girl.

If you have people around you that you love and that you could not live without, make sure to tell them that you love them and how much they mean to you.

I know that since I've been in Yola, it's relationships that has made me stronger and a better person.  These friendships and this new love has renewed my life, made me whole.  I think without relationships my life would be lonely and hard.  


I have been in limbo land for a long time now.  It's actually beginning to get quite familiar, which is kind of frightening.  I feel like I am on this teeter totter going up and down, my feelings going up and down, my moods, my emotions, everything, is going up and down.  But I am still on this teeter totter I call my life.  I am still hopeful and have faith.  I sit and wait patiently for good things to come.  My faith is growing stronger everyday.  Everyday I wait I know that something good is coming really soon.

It's been pretty rainy in Yola the past few days.  We had quite the thunder storm yesterday.  It freaked me out more than a little bit.  The thunder was so loud it was like bombs dropping out of the sky.  I know this thought is heavily influenced by the game Roro and I have been playing together on Ayo lately.  However, I know soon, the rain will stop falling and therefore the lightning and thunder will too.  It's always a sad time for me.  This means Fall has come and soon Winter will set in.  In Yola this means something so different than it meant in Minnesota and Alaska.  I miss Minnesota Falls so much.  I miss the changing of the leaves, the leaves rustling at your feet when you walk down the street, the cool Autumn breezes, Mmm, I can smell it in the air as I type this.

Times are changing, good things are happening, things are getting better.