Sunday, July 18, 2010


So today is Sunday.  This one is a lil different than my normal one has been lately.  I decided to get up at the time folks do in these parts when they go to church.  I got up at 7am, got dressed to work out, and headed to the club.  I was all set to workout when I went to the gym to start the AC's in advance and I found the gym door locked.  So I went and told Eric the waiter to see if he could hunt down the key.  So I sat down, plugged in the mac and surfed.  I did my usual twitter/facebook thang and someone decided to try and chat with me on facebook.  Usually I just click close because well, I usually don't know the person and so what's the point.  But today I decided to see if I was closing out potential friends or something.  But I proved my point once again.  It was just some dude trying to get into my pants.  Ugh.  So it made me get on my own pulpit in my brain and preach to the choir about how there are two types of people in the world.  The good and the bad.  I know what each one wants, and I know which type you are when I meet you, even if that's on facebook.  Rasaq from this morning was the bad.  I knew it from the moment, but I tried not too judge a book by it's cover.  But...

I decided to order breakfast.  I ordered scrambled eggs with toast and french press coffee.  I got my food within three minutes.  I was so shocked.  The key was found by this point.  But I ate and enjoyed my food and coffee.  My food order wasn't slightly correct though, but I think my guardian gluten-free Angel was watching over me and the toast never came!  lol.  But I knew it was for the best so I said nothing.   I proceeded to head to the gym to work out and did my exercises, stretches, elliptical and the bike while listening to "This American Life." It was a beautiful time.  There was a magnificent cross breeze flowing through the gym (in Nigeria this never happens), I was looking at the sunshine filled club out into the pool (to which I would enter later on) looking at the beautiful bougainvillea blooms and the butterflies floating in the air.  

After my workout, my special someone joined me for a swim.  The water was a lil cold, but c'est la vie.  Afterwards we chilled and played around with Ayo (the iPad) for a bit under the hut.  Then we cleaned up, went inside to join Jas for a bit.  We chatted about tellyvision, films, and American celeb gossip, you know Wesley Snipes, this new film "Inception" and Justin Bieber and the likes.  You see, when you are living in the middle of nowhere Africa, you have to try to keep up with pop culture.  You are not inundated and smothered by it here, even if you are on fb and twitter, which the three of us are.  We are techno freaks.  I mean, we mosdef had three thousand dollars worth of gadgets on the table with us.  This is just what we carry around with us for Sunday Brunch, lol.  I mean we had iPhones, iPads, mac laptops, blackberries, nokia phones, iPods, you get my drift.  But even with all that, none of us knew what "Inception" was about.  It's quite interesting how little advertising we are exposed to here in Yola and actually Nigeria in general.  Everything is so Naijacentric and mostly ads for the government, lamido or most especially mobile phones.  Glo, Zain, and Mtn are everywhere!!!  We most definitely are never exposed to film advertisements, not even Nigeria Nollywood types.   

Jas drew Roro a Christmas tree winter scene on Ayo.  Yep, we do Christmas in July in Yola.  Which kinda makes sense because this is our version of winter here and it's cool enough that I have the windows open at this moment with only the fan on, NO AC!!!  This of course led to mall talk because in the Mall of America in Minnesota there's a store called, 'Christmas in July.'  We don't have such malls or stores to speak of in Yola, let alone in Nigeria, I don't think.  It's been a month since I've been in Paris and I must say I miss Paris, so much I really long for Abuja these days.  Omg!  Yes, you read that right.  

So tonight has been pretty nice too.  Beowulf was lucky and got to swimming.  I felt he needed a good workout like his mama.  I observed ironing while having a nice chat with Roro.  Which followed dinner and some season two of "The Office" thanks to Jas.  

This is a bit of a break of my normal Sunday routine.  But I kinda rather enjoyed today a lot.  There was lots of water involved.  A shower, a swim, and a bath!  However, I have been missing ice cream a lot.  Omg!  What I wouldn't give for a stroll down a real grocery story ice cream aisle right now.  Seriously.  Omg.  What's your favorite ice cream?  I have two.  Haagen Dazs: Rocky Road and Turtle Mountain coconut milk ice cream with cookie dough.  I wish Santa was real and could put that in my freezer for me for breakfast tomorrow.  

All in all, a great Sunday was had by me.  Today I also want to recognize all the good people in the world and may god grant you happiness and a sundae made with your favorite ingredients!  :)

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