Friday, July 23, 2010


I love storms.  But I hate what they do to the already bad roads here in Yola.  Last night we had a serious rain storm with lots of thunder and possibly lightning, but I didn't get up to look.  I was woken up by the thunder which reminded me of bowling and getting a strike.  I never get frightened in a storm but last night I was a little shaken up when I was woken up by such big bangs.  But this morning when I was reflecting on this, I remembered that come mid-October, we won't have these magnificent beasts till next May, so I must relish and delight in them as much as I possibly can.  I love sitting and watching lightning, especially the ones in the distance, I found it romantic.

Do you enjoy storms?  Do you miss them when the season is gone?

****Update, rained again last night.  I was wondering where all the rain went.  Last summer it rained a lot more.   It rained so much last night that the ground at the club was still Saturated at 5pm last night.  Not good for Mario's plants and gardens.

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