Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paris: Day Four

My fourth day in Paris was a Sunday.  I woke up a wee late, but still managed to get up and get outta the hotel and make it to Notre Dame for Sunday Mass.  Yeah, it was pretty funny because I don't really speak French and had no clue when to sit, stand, or say "amen."  But the church is gloriously beautiful.  I did not take pictures inside because it was during mass and it just seemed a lil wrong to me.

Later on in the day, I wandered throughout the Metro to the Arc du Triomphe and snapped some photos.  My description of Paris is slightly boring and banal, I know.  However, I am really terrible at French, I didn't brush up at all before I left, because I felt like that might be jinxing myself, because we all know, I have access to French speakers around me.  Anyway, I went alone, I had no one to talk too.  So this was the most alone I've ever been on any trip.

Honestly, I have been dreaming of Paris for a long time.  In fall, I read not one, but two auto/biographies on Julia Child and was longing to spend Christmas in Paris.  But in the end, I didn't get to go.  C'est la vie.  Seriously, I rarely get what I want in life, but I'm learning how to get it nowadays.  Anyway, but my dreams and visions I had of my version of Julia's life in France cannot be spent alone.  :(   Another day, another dream, another time I will go with the man I love and wander the streets of Paris, hand-in-hand, go to a romantic low-lit bistro and sip delicious wine, or travel by train from end of France to the other just to buy an iPad.  These are my dreams.  May they come true soon.  :)

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