Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Malaria, Malaise, and Migraine's

So I'm busy dealing with all the things life is throwing at me.  Things like malaria with a little side of malaise and then followed by a severe migraine.  I'm recovering from it all now.  But man, I wish I could get a break.  I'm on the job prowl so if you know anything in Nigeria please give me a holler!  

I woke up on Friday and had a bad taste in my mouth.  By 11am my head was killing me, I was freezing while resting by the pool under the hot Adamawan sun, every scent and sound only made the pain worse, all I wanted was my bed, but the car was acting up and I was stuck at the club.  Finally by 1pm I was home and in bed and under the great care of my beloved.  I hate malaria.  I am going to start taking anti-malaria meds I think.  I think it's time I suck it up and risk some kidney problems in lieu of malaria every few months.  Seriously, I think it's worth it.  

I've been thinking about life and my plans a lot lately.  Thinking about my dreams, how I want to live my life, how I want each day to be spent, each holiday to be enjoyed, etc.  I am going to try and live more purposefully.  I have already been getting up each day (most days) on a schedule, I even manage to make breakfast most days before I leave the house, so I believe I am improving.  I do feel like I need to be writing more on this blog and to others.  That helps me do some more self-reflection than I've been doing.  I have been doing lots of writing, but I am worried still that most of it's crap, but I feel like it's getting better.  

Yesterday, I had a bad day.  I felt really down.  I applied for two jobs and I really hope I get one of them and I am worried that my bad mood might have shown through my cover letter, but I tried so hard not too.  I am beginning to feel the need for a job to wake up too.  I never thought I'd be saying that, but I guess somewhere deep down inside I am longing for it.  

I am also longing and dreaming of California. The sunshine.  My sister.  A few friends.  The ocean.  The food.  The shopping.  I long for it all.  I long for a cup of coffee at the Coffee House or the Coffee Bean. I dream of sitting and watching a movie in the theatre.  California dreaming has been a common occurrence.  It is my intention of spending my Christmas holiday there.  I already have a list of foods I intend on making for my big sis.  lol.   But I have noticed that in the past six months, I have been longing for the moments I am away from Yola much less than before.  :)  This makes me think about Yola and Nigeria in a different way.  

***Side Note:  I know I have some readers out there.  I know I do.  So please, post a comment.  Tell me your thoughts.  Tell me something about yourself.  Tell me what you enjoy and what you don't.  Please, I am writing for all of you afterall...


  1. Hi Kate, I had malaria too few weeks ago but the symptoms did not show until I arrived in the States. Basically I was in the hospital for two days as I need a prescription to buy anti-malaria medecine.
    Wish you a fast recovery.

  2. Omg. Are you serious? You get outta Yola but it always somehow brings you back, doesn't it? Yeah, the malaria meds aren't over the counter like everything is here, lol. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better now. I'm doing much better now, thank you so much. I think the more you get it, the easier it is to get it out of your system, or at least that's my experience so far. Things are sure a changin around here. You will see when you return!!! By the way, I just downloaded a new song by Raphael Saadiq for free on this site. You might already have it, but if not, here's the link. Plus, there's a ton of other greay music and it's free and since you are in the Good Old U S of A it's probably faster than my hour long downloads! lol. I think some of the folks are even from Austin! You should go see Bob Schneider at Antone's if you can! Lucky Bastard!!! X. -Kate