Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fortune Cookies

I was talking about fortune cookies the other day.  I mentioned how I miss them even though I cannot eat them.  I ate tons of Chinese in Paris but they didn't give out any fortune cookies (yes, I am aware they are highly American).  Anyway, Steven posted this on Facebook and I laughed and thought to share with you.  

I have had many blank fortunes in my life.  Seriously.  At least three that I can think of.  I was hurt.  But damn!!!!  If I received this, I think I would die.  lmao!


  1. fortune cookies ARE american. they were invented in san francisco. they don't have them in china (i grew up in china).


  2. I know they are American, but I miss them. I can't even eat the cookies because I am allergic to gluten, but i still love getting them and opening them at the end of the meal. And sometimes, I even add, "in bed" to the end of it. Hehe. I knew they wouldn't have them in Paris, but I didn't think they'd have Chinese takeaways on every corner either, lol.

    Since you grew up in China. Where is one place one should go and visit in China? Planning a future adventure. :)