Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We all love to watch them...  Films that is.  I know I've watched more than my fair share in my lifetime.  Some I've watched more than I care to even admit!  lol.  Anyway, I'm going to be adding some over time but for now these are my favorite films.  They are split into two categories:  favorites and Christmas themed favorites.  I love anything Christmas and am not afraid to admit this.  This list is thanks to a special someone whom I've been choosing share my faves with...   They are in no particular order by the way.  

Favorite films:
Top gun
A Few Good Men

The Namesake
The Constant Gardener
A Time to Kill
Love Jones
Bad Boys
Notting Hill

Bridget Jones' Diary
Grumpy Old Men 

Grumpier Old Men
Inglourious Basterds

The Man in the Moon
Dirty Pretty Things
Jump Tomorrow

Christmas themed:
All I Want for Christmas
Home Alone
This Christmas
Love Actually

What are some of your favorite films?  Please comment below...  :)

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